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/ ゜▽ ゜\~゛☆ onigiri parade ☆ ~〝/ ゜◇ ゜ \
march of the chicken scratches in the inkblob sea
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15th-Nov-2009 09:39 pm(no subject)
wish upon a star
Hmmmyeah I'm back guys~ (after like 3 months ahahaha) now posting under the new sparkling name~☆

It's gonna be image heavy, brace yourselves!

3, 2, 1, BOOMCollapse )
4th-Aug-2009 02:51 am - meme . my subarashii waifuu's hair
wish upon a star
Weird preview size this time round.

Ahahaha fuck I should make that into an icon when I'm done with this.

why am I doing this.Collapse )
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