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/ ゜▽ ゜\~゛☆ onigiri parade ☆ ~〝/ ゜◇ ゜ \
march of the chicken scratches in the inkblob sea
Hmmmyeah I'm back guys~ (after like 3 months ahahaha) now posting… 
15th-Nov-2009 09:39 pm
wish upon a star
Hmmmyeah I'm back guys~ (after like 3 months ahahaha) now posting under the new sparkling name~☆

It's gonna be image heavy, brace yourselves!

Done really long ago on Tegaki. Now I realise the pose is totally wrong ahahahah oh god lll'''OTL

Based on the bodyswitch event on the anon meme | D"'

A bunch of baby elephants for one of my RP accounts | d

IDK WHEN THIS BABY IS SPAWNED I think it has something to do with Romano being a tomato Togekiss or something.

Sort of speedpaint I guess | D"'

Ehe, Asians as children : 3 I love it everytime fanartists draw Korea in that little hat, so cute <3

And another one of them as bunnies for the mid-autumn Festival. Thailand's supposed to be in the blank space but I have no idea what pose to draw him in : |b

Now for chibi spamming from the meme, spastic style first:

Not so spastic but still chibi style:

I realise quite alot of them look rather creepy lll'''OTL

Hong Kong and Arcanine! Uhmm I was thinking if the nations were trainers HK's main pokémon would be Growlithe/Arcanine | D"' I typed up a list the other time on the meme I'm kinda too lazy to retrieve it now, 'sides it'll make this post even longer lmao.

WIP painting.

GDI STEAMPUNK IS HARD AHHHH /can't draw vehicles

Genderbent HK and Taiwan~ Not satisfied with maleWan's design though D :

And a lonely Luke ahahaha man I love the Layton games ; 3 ;"'

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